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a. It is composed of polar and kinetochore microtubules, both of which attach to the chromosomes. b. It is  There are now only a haploid number of chromosomes per cell. Each chromosome consists of two chromatids joined together by a centromere.

A duplicated chromosome consists of two

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A) two cells, each with the same amount of genetic material and the same genetic Favorite Answer The answer is E, a duplicated chromosome consists of 2 sister chromatids. There is only one centromere in a chromosome and it is the point where the two sister chromatids are a duplicated chromosomes consist of two thread like structures held together by a strong bond Sister Chromatids • A duplicated chromosome consists of two sister chromatids, each with a kinetochore – Sister chromatids remain attached at their centromere until late in mitosis (or meiosis) one chromosome (unduplicated) one chromosome (duplicated)one chromatid its sister chromatid star. 1.0 /5. heart. 0. profile. guri1.

So, a duplicated chromosome has two chromatids which are attached at their centromere and are known as sister chromatids, which are genetically identical.

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A duplicated chromosome consists of two

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A duplicated chromosome consists of two

Join our Discord to get your questions answered by experts, meet other students and be entered to win a PS5! Join a Numerade study group on Discord Answer to: After the S phase of mitosis, a replicated chromosome consists of a.

A duplicated chromosome consists of two

Certain genetic traits are linked to a person's sex and are passed on through the sex chromosomes. The autosomes contain the rest of the genetic hereditary information. All act in the same way during cell division.
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A duplicated chromosome consists of two

Each chromatid is essentially composed of a greatly coiled DNA molecule and protein. Each chromatid contains double-stranded DNA. – Two complementary strands. ✶ Each duplicated chromosome contains sister chromatids.

A duplicated chromosome consists of two chromatids. Is the animal cell the only one to have chromatids?
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At metaphase II,  Find duplicated chromosome stock images in HD and millions of other royalty- free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Each chromosome consists of two identical halves called chromatids, that are connected and held together by a constriction called a centromere. The location of  Chromatin is a substance within a chromosome consisting of DNA and protein. After the replication, a chromosome consists of two sister chromatids.

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Before a cell begins to divide, the genetic information stored on the chromosomes is duplicated. When this process is complete, each chromosome consists of two identical DNA threads, the sister A. After DNA replication, each duplicated chromosome consists of two sister chromatids. B. The region on duplicated chromosomes where the sister chromatids are most closely attached to each other is known as the centromere.